New Laptop - ASUS G73JH-A2

I got a G73 last week. It's about the best bang for the buck in a laptop I've ever seen. It has a huge, high quality screen, rather excessive processor and ram, and a huge drive. So far the performance is rather impressive. The bloatware it comes with uninstalls well and most of it is actually mildly useful. Of course, I can't leave well enough alone, especially since the dual drives are broken into multiple, oddly shaped partitions that aren't striped. What I did below the fold.


My Github projects. I've spun off two parts of TR already. One is an Erlang mocking library for unit testing. The other is an Erlang binding for the Bullet physics library. Hopefully I'll be able to put more up there. Both are under permissive licenses.

Building Chrome with Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition

Got Chrome compiling with Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition. It's nice because it'll save me the $200+ to buy the professional edition. Steps below the fold. I haven't tried the tests or installer, but the app works. It builds the libraries as well, which is what I need for my project.

Boost:Asio cannot find localhost when no network connection is active

This one took me a while while I was out of internet range. I had a client using Asio that couldn't resolve the loopback interface. Actually it could resolve the IPv6 address, but not IPv4. Turns out that by default Asio will not resolve addresses if there is no configured non-loopback network interface. The trick is:

tcp::resolver::query query(tcp::v4(),host, port, tcp::resolver::query::all_matching);

The all matching will fix it.

Physics Engines

So my pet project continues. I'm mostly doing tech research, still, but there's a fair amount of design that I've written and even more that I've thought. The pressing thing to get done at this point is a physics engine. My needs are:
- fast standalone library for a server (no rendering or graphical needs)
- simple shapes. Spheres are sufficient.
- handle moderate (prefer large) velocity/mass discrepancies
- large areas, preferably infinite

I do not need
- complex shapes
- detailed collision models
- stability on collision models

The last is the tricky one. Under most models, I expect collisions between dynamic objects to be the exception rather than the rule. When they do happen, it will be a single collision, bounce, then user input to stabilize the simulation. Occasionally, there may be clumping of objects that form loops or bounce in the frame. With large mass/velocity discrepancies, this is just asking for something to explode. There are game rules and hacks that could help this, basically by severe dampening whenever objects approach each other.

The final constraint is that it needs to run on 64 bit linux. I was looking at PhysX and it doesn't meet this last...

10 Reasons that Java sucks and why none of it matters.

1) Hypocrisy. I remember when Java was the hot new thing. It would free us from all the complexity and problems of C++ and older languages to provide a simple, common interface that runs on all platforms. What were these complexities? Well, resource management, operator overloading, and templates to name a few. Also, everything is an object. Except the primitives that aren't objects. Oops, you can't put them in collections, so we'll provide object versions of them. Oops, that gets really ugly and annoying fast, so we'll put in autoboxing.

What here this thing is?

Maybe I'll try doing this again. I've tried off and on over the past year to blog about Lorelei, but there's a two-fold problem with that-- everyone I want to know the stories already hears the stories and I don't care about the rest of you.

Looking at the woeful number of posts I have, the best successes I've had have been when discussing something I can be an opinionated ass about. So I think I might try that.

Lorelei is really cute, almost a year old, and quite stubborn, btw.

Lorelei Day 2 -- Electric Boogaloo

Generally she's been an un-fussy baby. She does this little wimper and kind of cooing sound that melts the heart a bit. The few times that she as really worked herself into actually crying, it was pretty obvious what the problem was. Is she smacking her lips trying to eat anything near her face? Probably hungry. Is she kicking, waving, and pumping her legs a lot? Remove swaddling and wait a bit. She's probably pooping. Otherwise just swing and hold. The complexity of the demands is not high, even if the frequency is.

Yeah, I know it gets harder.

The only problem she's having is that when she begins nursing she falls asleep, which makes life hard. A nurse helped out this morning, so I think we're going to poke, tickle, and otherwise annoy her a lot more while nursing so she gets a solid 20-30 minutes in. Not to mention that whenever she falls asleep, Kelley does too (and me, half the time).

She's also really tiny and cute.

Kelley seems to be about breaking even on minimum sleep needs now. Yesterday she was in a heavy deficit.

Lorelei Rose Wagner

Preemptive tl;dr:

Born 18 Feb 2008 at 1:11pm
19.25 inches long/tall

Mother and daughter are doing fine, though daughter is getting more sleep than mom at this point. Kelley is already walking and trying to get what sleep she can. I'm mostly staying at the hospital to try to assist in sleep and pretend I'm doing something.

Got a new car

I finally sold the 330 and got a new WRX. They've fixed a bunch of nits that I had with my first one:
- Poor headlights
- No climate control
- 17" wheels were a better fit for the car
- Temperature gauge

The 3rd gen styling is much better than the 2nd, though I still prefer the first generation bug-eye headlights. The 2.5 liter engine makes the turbo lag much less apparent, though I haven't really had a chance to take it to redline. Still got a ways until break-in is done.

It's a blue wagon, just like the old one. Kelley can now find my car in parking lots again.